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Reaching Every Student, Every Day

The QTL™ Program models instructional strategies to teachers. This modeling allows teachers to deliver the standard curriculum in a way that engages every student, every day.
For the first time, teachers see how to connect content, instruction, & technology to boost student outcomes
in their own classrooms.

teachers workThe QTL™ Program generally begins with small collaborative teams of educators working together through five full days of staff development in a classroom environment. Each day builds skills in seeing and understanding strategies that are research-proven. That modeled instruction is job-embedded through practical application that builds on the learning and utilizes the new strategies teachers have learned.

This 'practical application' may take one of two forms:

A Whole-Faculty implementation of QTL™ creates a Professional Learning Community within a school. After attending the initial five-day QTL™ sessions, faculty members form Whole-Faculty Study Groups®. Throughout the school year, they analyze student data and work together to improve instruction.

Individual school-based teams of participants who have been through the first five days of QTL™ together continue working in their small groups to plan and execute collaborative projects that span content areas and grade levels, engaging students across the curriculum.

Watch a school system's video about QTL™, or read why one superintendent recommends QTL™ "to every school system looking for cutting edge, research-based quality instruction."


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