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How to Bring QTL's IT Program to Your School

To start a QTL™ for IT Educators program, schools send a teacher through the appropriate training. Curriculum, resources and year-long support are included with training.

QTL's Computer Engineering

This two-level course is mapped to CompTIA's popular A+ certification, the industry standard for computer technicians. This course of study covers hardware, software, basic networking, security and troubleshooting along with ethics, leadership and teamwork. It prepares students for further study in the field of Information Technology, or for entry level computer technology jobs.

QTL's Networking

This foundation course covers network technology and administration, giving students a solid under
standing of networking and preparing them for further study or specialization in either building networks, or managing them. It is sometimes implemented in conjunction with QTL's Computer Engineering to give students a broad background in computer technology and networking. Other schools are implementing QTL's Networking as a vendor-neutral pre-curser to vendor-specific networking programs from Cisco, Microsoft, Novell or Red Hat.

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