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QTL™ for IT Educators provides extensive year-long support:

  • QTL's Regional Facilitators are leading QTL™ teachers chosen for their experience and initiative to provide ongoing leadership and support for fellow teachers in their assigned regions. This includes free regional workshops during the year.
  • QTL™ IT Listservs are an invaluable resource for teachers struggling with technical or classroom management issues. Experience shows there is no better source for advice than a peer who has tackled the same issues - and QTL's listservs are living proof of the value of active peer support.
  • QTL's Teacher Central web-site is a great place to find resources, from web sites to Best Practices to teacher-created materials and helpful tools shared by peers through QTL's popular Teacher FTP site.
  • QTL's IT Newsletters provide regular news, success stories and tech tips to give teachers ideas, keep them informed about opportunites, and let them know how other teachers are implementing QTL™ programs.
  • QTL's Certificates of Excellence give teachers an extra way to reward their best students. Endorsed by CompTIA and Kelly Services, the Certificates indicate technical know-how as well as strong personal qualities. Click here for a list of this year's Certificates of Excellence recipients!

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