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Does QTL™ specify vendors that participating schools must use?

In a word: no. Though we have partnerships with companies that bring benefits to our participating schools, teachers and administrators are free to use any vendor they choose for equipment, software, textbooks or other needs.

QTL™ does not receive a commission from sales of any item sold to our participating schools, but our partnerships benefit participants in a number of ways, including:

  • Element K offers textbook and resource discounts to QTL™ schools
  • Some hardware vendors offer discounts to our participants
  • Time-Warner Cable sponsored publication of QTL's Strategies for Success Handbook
  • Microsoft and Computer Warehouse have co-sponsored free workshops for QTL™ teachers
  • Microsoft Press has provided free textbooks for QTL™ training participants
  • Red Hat has provided free Linux software
  • Countless companies have donated computers to QTL™ programs
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