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instructional practices assessment

Assessing Classroom Strategies

The Instructional Practices Assessment (IPA) provides a snapshot of a faculty’s teaching practices, identifying strengths and focusing on instructional improvement.

With an IPA, a team of certified QTL observers visits every classroom in the school and collects data that are compiled and analyzed. The results address teacher practices, levels of student engagement, and the impact of the physical environment on instruction. The entire faculty reviews the report and examines instructional strengths and specific areas for improvement.   

The IPA is not an evaluative tool, in that it does not place judgment on individual teacher practices. Rather, its purpose is to objectively collect observational data in these three school-wide domains:

· Instructional Practices
· Student Work
· Social and Physical Environment

Data for the faculty as a whole are then interpreted and labeled according to the QTL Process framework of instructional principles, or how foundational research-based teaching practices apply to each of the three focus areas.


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