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The QTL Process


Raising Achievement
The QTL Process™ is designed to help schools and districts achieve more by showing teachers new ways to create an active and engaging learning environment.

For Educators:

  • A higher level of teacher professionalism;
  • A deeper and greater understanding of how to be an effective instructional leader;
  • Richer instructional design so that learning takes place at a higher level.

For Students:

  • Academic achievement;
  • Higher graduation rates;
  • Career skill attainment;
  • Student attainment (diploma, GET, certification, degree);
  • Non-traditional participation and completion.

Parallel Tracks
The QTL Process™ includes parallel tracks for teachers and administrators. The program is flexible and can be modified according to local needs, but the elements follow a logical and recommended basic order that suits many schools well.

Why QTL?