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Testimonials about QTL


The Value of QTL™

Testimonial Letters:
Daniel Cockman, Superintendent of Thomasville (NC) City Schools
Sandra Knight Farmer, Principal of Williford Elementary

"Our partnership with QTL continues to be one of the best I’ve experienced in 29 years."
Eddie Ingram
Franklin County, NC Superintendent

"I have been so excited about this QTL experience!!! In ten years of teaching, I have never been in a workshop that has been this effective. I have grown personally and professionally. I also feel confident in my abilities to take what I have learned back into my classroom and drastically affect the learning successes of my students. ALL of my students!!!!!!
Sharon Davis
Franklin County, NC Teacher

"QTL has offered an avenue for many of my teachers to go and be refreshed about their teaching and learning. QTL goes beyond technology integration. It offers sound strategies for all grade levels to us in their classrooms. Out of all the workshops our teachers attend, QTL has been the best received by my staff."
Rodney Peterson, Principal
Benson Elementary School (Johnston County, NC)

"The first thing I would tell a colleague about this training is that it truly makes you a better teacher! I have thoroughly enjoyed each day of QTL training, and my students are already reaping the benefits. I feel that I am teaching more effectively to all of my students learning needs now... After several years of teaching, sometimes my creativity gets stifled. With a ‘stifled’ mind, my lessons are not as interesting or effective as they should be. This training has reminded me of many of the things that I learned in college and have been pushed to the back of my memory. I now feel excited again about teaching! Thank you QTL!!!"
Survey Respondent
Franklin County, NC Schools

"We had done such a lot of work to encourage the effective use of technology and research-based teaching as well as collaboration among the teachers. This just helped it all come together and helped the teachers see how it's all connected."
H.W. Scott, supervisor of technology
Botetourt County Schools

"It's been one of the most beneficial programs we've ever implemented in terms of staff development for teachers. The absolute hands-on experience and types of knowledge that they get out of that experience is unsurpassed."
Ken Wells, superintendent
Perquimans County, NC

kids having fun"When the kids are having fun and learning, it is not tedious for them. If they're excited, they're going to learn more and reflect on it more. And when teachers are excited, that enthusiasm is contagious."
Dr. Juanita Clark, principal
West Lumberton Elementary, Robeson County, NC

"(QTL™) was the best jump start, the best thing we did, no doubt about it. (Teachers) were so pumped up after they finished their cycles, they couldn't wait to get back to school. Everybody feels really good about it."
Theresa Bell, technology integration specialist
Martin County, NC

"(QTL™) focused on curriculum. It provided classroom strategies for the teachers. It incorporated new designs for learning and it incorporated a lot of components of No Child Left Behind legislation. I really wanted to have this for our teachers to learn here in Guilford County, and it's been a great program for them. It's working really, really well... every school that we train, when we train one teacher we're finding they wanta to send a second and third and fourth team."
Zelia Frick, instructional technology supervisor
Guilford County, NC

"One of the biggest problems with workshops is we are back into the classroom and have no time to implement. With (QTL™), we've had time. This is one of the best things that have happened to our school."
Linda Lloyd, elementary teacher
Orange County, NC

"This training component is worth underscoring. We can't just be bringing in fancy equipment and imagine that it's just a matter of equipping a school. We need to increases the confidence level of our teaching force. It's a matter of teachers having the initiative and the get up and go to get training. And that's what has happened here."
Rep. David Price, D-NC
After hearing Orange County, NC teachers discuss QTL™

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