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ExplorNet's CTE Training

Led by Experienced Classroom Teachers

Technical training is available from a variety of sources. But teachers need more than just training in the technology. They need professional development that shows them how to prepare students for careers in an ever-changing industry.

That is why a school's participation in ExplorNet CareerTech programs begins with new teacher training led by an experienced classroom teacher who knows how to get the content across to students.

In the ExplorNet approach, hands-on learning is the focus. Teaching strategies that engage every student are emphasized. ExplorNet's instructors know the ropes, and provide teacher training that is practical, technical, hands-on and fun.

Here are training schedules and registration for:

Computer Engineering
Networking I
Digital Media
Computer Applications II

We will soon offer additional Computer Applications training workshops for North Carolina teachers. One two-day session focuses on animation, multimedia and virtual reality. Another covers (x)html and CSS. Sessions will be offered during February and March 2010, and possibly again during the summer. Watch this page for details as sessions are scheduled!

Questions? Get answers here on our CTE FAQs page.