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ExplorNet's Resources


Designed by Teachers for Classroom Use

ExplorNet's CareerTech resources were created by teachers, for teachers and students. The goal is to ensure that educators have the tools they need to deliver the highly technical, constantly changing content of these courses.

it curriculumUpdated resources are delivered to participating schools each summer after being reviewed, revised and enhanced by curriculum team members. These include Teacher Objective Guides with lesson plans, labs, projects and activities, plus presentations, student handouts, vocabulary sheets, worksheets and assessment items. In addition, ExplorNet's Professional Learning Community supports a wealth of shared resources online.

*Sample Teacher's Objective Guide
*Sample Student Handout
*Sample Vocabulary Sheet
*Sample Student Worksheet
*Sample Student Crossword
*Sample Objective Exam
*Sample PowerPoint

Resources are now offered online through our ExplorNet Professional Learning Community site. A password is needed to access all the feature, but you can get a glimpse by clicking here.

ExplorNet resources are designed for flexibility. Read Raleigh Wakefield High School teacher Phil Vice's approach to using our "turnkey" materials and support.

We also offer the Teacher Central web site with links to vendors and other useful resources, and a students' web site with objective-by-objective links and more.

Read about ExplorNet's CareerTech training.