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Instructional Leadership


Leading the Way
QTL's Instructional Leadership elements are designed to prepare principals, administrators and emerging leaders for the role they will play in supporting The QTL Process in their schools.

seminarsInstructional Leadership Seminars
In a typical three-year QTL Process, administrators would begin the year by attending Instructional Leadership Seminars with other school and district-level administrators. The purpose of these sessions is to help instructional leaders understand what their teachers are learning, and how they can support the classroom implementation of QTL concepts and strategies.

Topical Leadership Seminars
Topical Leadership Seminars bring administrators from different schools together to gain a firmer understanding of specific concepts and strategies.

Leadership and Fish Bowl Coaching
The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning can also provide Instructional Leadership Coaching. QTL Instructional Specialists work one-on-one with principals or other instructional leaders, with a focus on meeting the specific needs of the school. Districts may also select principals and emerging leaders for advanced Fish Bowl Coaching to strengthen their skills in evaluating and communicating with teachers.

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