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Preparing Students for High Tech Careers

Technology changes in the blink of an eye. ExplorNet CareerTech offers programs that help teachers stay on top of those changes. ExplorNet's Computer Engineering, Networking I and Digital Mediaprograms provide:

  • Teacher training focused on effective teaching strategies that prepare today's students for tomorrow's jobs;
  • Curriculum designed by experienced teachers, mapped to industry standards, updated annually;
  • Resources and support including workshops, regional facilitators, and an online Professional Learning Community with forums, chats and shared resources.
  • 21st Century Work Skills that enable teachers and prepare students to think, live and work in the global economy with strong grounding in core and 21st Century content.

In addition, ExplorNet offers training and workshops for teachers of Digital Media.

CTE educators can also benefit from another program offered by The Centers for Quality Teaching and Learning. The New & Emerging Teacher Institute program is aimed at preparing new teachers - including the lateral entry teachers often found in CTE programs - to survive and thrive in the classroom.

Read about ExplorNet's IT Curriculum for Computer Engineering & Networking.