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Teacher Track


A Sample Three-Year Plan: Teachers
In a three-year QTL Process, teachers would begin their journey the first year with five days of instruction in a model classroom, followed by collaborative projects that apply what they learned.

teachers talkThe second year would bring QTLCS or Focused Collaborative Cycles - processes designed to increase collaboration and teachers' understanding of research-based teaching strategies.

The third year would bring the staff to a higher level by establishing a school-wide Professional Learning Community to implement data-driven decision-making based on students' needs. The plan might be augmented with Teacher Coaching or Instructional Practice Assessments (IPAs) to help individual teachers continue to refine their approach to teaching.

Teachers - Year One

  1. Summer: The QTL Core
  2. 1st Semester: Collaborative Projects
  3. 2nd Semester: Focused Collaborative Cycle

Teachers - Year Two

  1. Summer or Fall: QTLCS
  2. School Year: Focused Collaborative Cycle

Teachers - Year Three

  1. Whole Faculty Study Groups®
  2. Instructional Practices Assessment (IPA)
  3. Teacher Coaching

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